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    Smartphone OS Smackdown: iPhone OS 3.0 vs. WebOS vs. the World - PC World

    intresting article

    Bottom line: WebOS boasts more fresh ideas than any new operating system since iPhone OS; and once you've used cards to leap between multiple running apps, it's hard to go back to anything less. Let's hope that WebOS helps propel Palm back to robust health--and that the company puts the OS on a range of phones aimed at different kinds of folks.
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    This thread is moved to Cross-Platform Chat because it is about:
    Treo vs. iPhone. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry. This is the place for "What should I get" and "My smartphone can beat up your smartphone." Formerly the Smartphone Round Robin Forum.

    - Craig
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    You are so right.
    After using some people's Ipod Touch... it's annoying to not being able to gesture back or swipe through cards...

    Opening up applications one at a time... not fun.
    And then everyone just wants Palm to fail, which is not helping any.

    To be honest, I'm starting to consider my phone the best on the market.
    Iphone 3GS may have speed, but not if you have to do everything one at a time.

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