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    Hey gang, just thought I would stop in and say hey. I'm one of the moderators from one of the sister sites, If you need any Blackberry help please feel free to PM (I'll respond after I get 10 posts), or email me. I'm a Storm users (plus I have used many other BBs), so I should fit right in with you PreHeads! I'm also a former Handspring Visor owner, plus I have had other Palm, but the Visor was special to me and I feel one of THE greatest non phone PDAs. As some of you may know the original Smart Phones Expert site was Visor Central. I thought that was so cool when I read that info, but sadly I had not discovered the site way back when.

    Anyways just thought I'd introduce myself. I hope I picked the right Sub Forum, if not, mods please feel free to move.
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. Anyone from the related sites are always welcome.
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    ahhhh....the visorcentral days...i remember lusting for a visor prism back in the day....memories....

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I wish I still had my Visor, bet they are worth money now. I REALLY wish I had my old Apple II I hear those are worth SERIOUS money.
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