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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlyn McKenzie View Post
    The iPhone costs WAY too much. Period.

    And I don't mean just the device, but the plan you're forced into. They make a big deal about the iPhone 3G being dropped to $100, but who cares when it still ends up more expensive than the Pre after 2 years?
    Personally, I don't think either is particularly "thrifty" in nature. If cost is a significant concern, people should be getting the free, fully subsidized phone and as cheap a plan as they can get. Yes the AT&T plans are more expensive, especially notable if you add unlimited texting; for me, the difference will wind up being about $20 per month, or $240 over the two year period (which assumes the Pre made it through the 2 years).

    Personally, that's not enough for me to swing my decision. It may be for others, but if it is, I maintain that a cheaper alternative to either of these fine devices would probably be a smarter decision.
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    I know you said apps dont really matter to you, but free turn by turn navigation from sprint is a BIG deal for me. Despite living in this area for over 17 years, for some reason I'm just horrible with directions. I can get around locally fine but when i have to traverse the metroplex, im a bumbling *****. I had a gps, but the maps and hardware on it got outdated real fast. Add in the fact that i live in Texas and that means that half the time, it was so hot in the car that the gps wouldn't work period.

    Don't get me wrong, the gps on the pre is abit rough around the edges and it lacks a few basic features that other standalone units have, but it is extremely powerful. The other day, i was getting together with a few of my friends after work. Problem was they were all in different areas and i had no clue how to get to the place we decided to meet at from work. So while in the parking lot of the car, i looked up the physical address with google maps, plugged it into the gps and started it all the while with music running through the speakers from the phone to the aux port while i carried on 3 simultaneous conversations via text messages. Once i was on the road, i was still able to play music from the phone, and every time the gps needed to give me a voice notification, the music would fade out and back afterwords.

    Did i mention that this amazing service is FREE whereas with the iphone it seems you have to shell out $99 upfront and a recurring monthly charge (i think?). Add to the fact that an unlimited plan with sprint over the life of your contract saves you approximately $1,200 versus at&t. If cost is a determining factor for you at all, it is extremely difficult to justify burning so much cash by staying with atnt. Say what you will about sprint + pre VS atnt+Iphone. The fact is, both plans and phones on said plans are extremely competitive and have their own strengths and weaknesses. You just have to determine if you prefer the advantages of the iphone and at&t, if it is worth spending an extra $1,200 over.
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    I did the same thing... tested out both a Pre and iPhone 3GS (Pre for a couple of weeks, iPhone 3GS for a week now), and I'm going to keep the iPhone as well. I really like WebOS and see great potential in it (really love the multitasking/cards, synergy, as well as the notification system). But there were a few things that swayed me towards the iPhone 3GS:

    1) The Pre hardware wasn't cutting it for me. I was on my third Pre... touchscreen stopped working on the first one after dropping onto a carpeted surface, the slider had a large gap on the left side and "oreo twist" on the second one, and the third one was fine except for a dead pixel, which wasn't a big deal to me. But long term, I had my concerns about the reliability of this first batch of phones.

    2) I'm also a big fan of streaming audio and games, and the iPhone is ahead by a large amount on those two fronts right now. I can listen to Slacker, Pandora, Live365, Sirius,, Imeem, etc.... always some good music to listen to on my iPhone. There are also a handful of fun games that I like on the iPhone as well. I think WebOS will come around in both of these areas once the SDK gets released, but I'd rather have the functionality I want now and wait and see how WebOS grows before committing to 2 years with the Pre.

    3) I can RDP to my home laptop on the iPhone, with audio. So any apps that aren't available, I can simply run from my laptop and control via the iPhone. It's not super-speedy on 3G, but not bad either. If I really need to multitask, this does it for me (keep my audio clients running on the laptop, as well as my email, IM client, etc... can use them all simultaneously). this also allows me to access apps that neither phone has available right now, such as Flash websites.

    I figure I can get the functionality I want from the iPhone now, see what happens with WebOS over the next several months, and then pick up a WebOS phone on AT&T down the road if WebOS progresses like I expect. But it really is an individual decision. Think about what's important to you in a phone, do your research on the features that each phone has available (or what you're willing to wait for), and then make an informed decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by live_free View Post
    Umm How would I do that? how do I try it out for a month? and what do you mean pro-rated cost?

    And to the other guy sorry, but what do you mean a 100 dollar deductible, like 100 bucks off? then will the phone be 100 or like 400 cause your paying for a phone off contract or just? sorry...

    Since my 3rd old can grasp an iphone, i'd recommend the same for you. Just saying..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post

    Since my 3rd old can grasp an iphone, i'd recommend the same for you. Just saying..
    Ha, umm well how do I say this, I'm not exactly doing my own insurance stuff so have never had to worry about it. And if all you are gonna do is be mean please go ahead and see where that gets you... Because being a **** to one person leads on to others. So have fun =)
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    Ok thanks everyone, ( Also this is a reply to several people )

    Ok well with all the info stated and things brought to light ( For my mind at least) I really love the Pre and Sprint where I live in phenomenal. Now I will be driving very soon ( like a month) and have literally no idea my way around here. Like I know how to get around locally but if I need to go get something away from the area I live the Pre has the free turn by turn. And the Iphone 3G S at least for now doesn't and who knows maybe it will be like 20 dollars a month in which case I wouldn't be able to be get cause I'd already be paying around 70 a month. My ONLY concern is build quality with the pre, I know if I'm really careful and when I go to the store and get it open it up check for dead pixels wobbly keyboard that can kinof help but I will have to get the insurance thing ( which isn't a problem). But here is my thought on this, I know the pre has some QC problems if i go into the store to check it all that should help and getting the insurance will help even more, and with the what I believe one month return policy I should be fine. I also have an Ipod touch 32gb so ALL my music and everything can go on that and my favorite stuff can go on my Pre and even if they disable it there are some ways around it . So after all is said and done I know the Iphone I know how to use it what it is. With the pre I don't. And being a tech person that is the thing you live with electronics for that feeling of ahhh neww shiinnyy. You know? Well thanks everyone and I know the Iphone has some advantages over it but voice control, nope never would use, UNIVERSAL SEARCH, ok yep I'm to lazy to.... oh wait it requires me to move my finger 3 times..... yeah unless your really out of shape.... I've hardly used video on my other phones ( recording)... so Meh I can wait. Camera yeah I have a DLSR if I want to take photos so camera phones all look like crap to me....But thanks to everyone and I think the Pre is really that happy medium for me between a fun play around phone ( Iphone), and a all work serious business phone ( blackberry) I have had/used all three. =) And Again thanks =)
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    Couple of other things to keep in mind.
    Since you can only get a Pre on an "Everything" plan, you get tons for your money on Sprint vs AT&T like:
    • Unlim text
    • unlim data
    • Telenav GPS
    • Night/Weekends @ 7pm
    • Pick3 (need to call Sprint to add)
    • SprintTV (meh, FWIW)
    • NASCAR (if your into that)
    • Sprint Premier program (depends which plan you choose).

    These are all premium upgrades / add-ons for AT&T.
    Do the math over the 2 year agreement and judge for yourself.

    • Future Video camera
    • Flash support in a few months (this is a big one)
    • webOS is in it's infancy (1.0 release) and there many more refinements and additional features yet to come.
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    I don't think anyone is arguing that WebOS isn't great already -- it is!! I loved playing with it for as long as I've had the chance. And the potential with this new OS is basically endless. I have no doubt the apps will come when the SDK is released, and the OS will continue to get refined.

    Where Palm just basically fell down was with the hardware quality with this first batch. I also have little doubt that this too will get better over time, but that time frame is far more unknown and exactly what they can fix "on the fly" in the production environment, versus what needs to be redesigned. I have little doubt that the 2.0 version of the hardware will solve all of the 1.0 hardware problems. Maybe even a 1.1 version would fix a good many of them.

    The problem is, Palm needed to hit both the OS and hardware side of things out of the ballpark from the onset, because they've entered a very competitive market. Had it come out 6 months ago, they would've had more leeway. But now, it's just a very long, uphill battle.

    I was leaning toward the Pre... but now I'm undecided. Will probably give it a few more weeks to see if the Pre can get some of the quality control issues under control.
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