HPUG Meeting this Saturday - Wireless Solutions

Date: October 13th, 2001
Place: HAL-PC Headquarters
Website: www.hpug.org

This month's meeting will mainly focus on cheap ways of getting to the web using technology you already have. Jason Shmoody will be talking about a full range of ways to get on the web through your Palm, including discussion on Omnisky, Voicestream, Verizon, Sprint PCS, Motorola Startacs, Nokia 8290. Jason will also be discussing Palm e-mail with Eudora & Multimail Pro.

The meeting will also cover the latest news, including the recent announcements by Sony and the upgrade that has been floating around the net, the latest units from Handspring, the Targus Stowaway for the Clie, and even the latest Pocket PCs.

We'll be trying out a new process this month, with a newbie session starting at 1:00 and the normal meeting starting at 1:30 p.m.