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    I sure hope Palm's webOS UI moves up to something like this (with updates for the Pre): HTC Hero running Android and Sense UI leaks from HTC's own website (updated, official, video)
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    Isn't this the model Sprint is rumored to have down the pipe? I want Android to suceed but I'm just not crazy about the UI. And I'm a huge Google user.
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    Wow just read a Gizmodo article that it supports Flash out the box /jealous
    Gizmodo - HTC Debuts Multitouch Hero, With Fresh "Sense" Face for Android - HTC Hero
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    This phone looks very intriguing! I like the interface a lot actually, and it has some things that are missing in the Pre (like smart phone dialer). I still like Pre's integration of things. I saw a video of someone demonstrating the phone, and the multitouch/scrolling actually looks a bit laggy? Did anyone else notice this? This is probably something they can fix, but man this looks good!
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    Dang Android/HTC is in it to win it. it looks like they took elements of the iphone and the pre and tried to combine it into with their android system. They gave it a more stylish UI, made more intergration, and beat everyone to flash apparently. This looks like an era of real competition. its not just the iphone anymore. And i want to pre to succeed but they need to be smart and make big moves while they have momentum. I dont care about what any fan boy wants to say. Public image to the general pop is important.

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