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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    The "person" I "belittle" is anyone who takes an absurd fanboy view of things. There are plenty of those people in this forum alone:
    why iphone users are lost for words
    Is anyone else considering buying a iphone 3Gs?
    pathetic apple tatics
    Keep guessing...while you're forum-stalking me...but there are no iPhones in my life.
    You are goofy. Who started the thread? Either way, I am fully prepared for this thread to go the way of all other threads. Have a good one.
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    I am a huge fan of Mac OS X and have been an Apple user since the Mac arrived in '84. I am a member of the local Apple Users Group and have given presentations on software and was a corporate trainer for 10 years on just Mac.

    So when I pulled out my Pre over beers after the AUG meeting last night I wasn't derided at all by the Iphone-toters, meaning everybody else but me. They know that I will never buy an Iphone as long as AT&T has a stranglehold on the company.

    They couldn't agree more. There hatred of AT&T is slightly overtaken by their love of the Iphone, so they'll put up with the gouging for now. They liked my Pre but said the screen was a bit small as was the keyboard, but at least it had a keyboard. I agreed.

    When Apple finally gets smart and extricates itself from AT&T's clutches I'll probably compare the then Iphone with the then Pre and make a decision.

    For now, there ain't no contest.
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