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    Ooo - I luvs me a made up conspiracy!
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    Faster, slower, whatever. Whatever works best for you is best. I'm not sure why folks on both sides feel the need to stick a fork in the other side so badly.

    That said, Gizmodo re-reported the Anandtech report and I had to respond to provide a little, let's say balance what turned out to be a book.

    Gizmodo - iPhone 3GS, 3G and Pre All Benchmarked Side-by-Side, 3GS Prevails - Iphone 3gs benchmarks

    Admittedly, it did turn into a rant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aridon View Post
    The GS browser IS faster. Get over it. It also renders better and doesn't have that stupid checker board look like the Pre when you scroll most of the time.

    Palm needs to step up and optimize the browser to get things on par. That is the bottom line, competition is good and the Iphone does what it does well. I know that is hard for some here to accept but that is how things are.
    Hell yeah. That checkerboard sucks @$$..and *that* is a very valid is the fact that competition is good.

    That said, the engineer in me still wants to say that these browser speed comparisons are most likely flawed, not well-controlled, and that the differences are close enough that they are largely meaningless. The numbers are close regardless...and we have no idea which providers are using edge caching, which sites are optimizing for a particular user-agent, what is going on with signals, etc. Either way, they both kick Blazer's ****.
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