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    fail thread, obviously if u want a iphone u shouldnt be here
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    I am a Apple/iPhone fanboy but we switched to the Pre. Got one for me and the wife and got the daughter something else. The pricing plans with all the goodies is great. I may of tried the new iPhone out but AT&T Pricing really sucks. So far, wife and I are both happy with our Pre's.
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    i also wanted a 3gs

    but the pricing got me for the pre
    60 a month for 450 min an ulimited text n internet
    cant go wrong
    saving a grand
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    These are the Pre forums, not the who's going to buy the new iphone forums. You're posting in the wrong place buddy boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hypocaffeinemia View Post
    I am reluctantly considering it if I can't obtain a Pre by the end of the week, as my current phone essentially bit the dust. While I can appreciate the quality of the 3Gs and the available apps, I'm not too keen on the lack of multitasking or the monthly price.
    And don't forget ATT's poor 3G coverage as well.
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    It's $70 a month for the cheapest everything Plan, not $60, or if you want to nitpick, it's $69.95 a month, plus taxes of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben7seven7 View Post
    And don't forget ATT's poor 3G coverage as well.
    Uh I returned my Pre precisely because I was sick of seeing the 1x on my Pre's display. I would still have the Pre if I could have kept a decent 3G connection with it.

    Must be the area I live in. (Milwaukee, WI) I've heard Sprint works better in the boonies. But I would get bounced off 3G on my way to work driving through city the whole way.

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    Well, I have a Pre but I really wanted to get an Iphone. But last time I checked the bill still came from AT&T, so no thanks.
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    no. I don't want a more expensive plan that I can't use when I visit my family.
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    Um I need a physical keyboard
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