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    What's the killer iPhone app that you need ported to the Pre ASAP?
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    iFart 3.0
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    THE FART APP... And the one that is like a Turntable.. that when you slide your finger back and forth.. it's like your scratching a record....

    TAZER!! it's sooooo funny.. espically when your drunk.

    LoL - had to take a jab..

    My brother has an iPhone and thats all the crap he seems to download.
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    I'd say 50% (at least) of the iPhone Apps are junk. I'm not a big gamer so there really isn't one that I "must" have on the Pre'.
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    T pain Auto Tunes! I want It!
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    I know that 97% of the iPhone apps are a complete waste of time -- but I'm looking for that needle in the haystack. Of course I wouldn't ever consider crossing over to the dark side, but there's got to be at least a few gems there.
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    Wow, can you all not give even a hint of credit to Apple's App store? I do not believe there isn't one app from there that you wouldn't want on the Pre.

    I am addicted to iMafia, that would be nice to have on the Pre...but actually, all I want at this immediate moment is Solitaire, after I get that I'll make more requests haha.
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    Not an App from the App store, but I guess I'd say Visual Voicemail.
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    -Byline (Google Reader app)
    -Slingplayer (with 3G plz)
    -Gas Cubby (car maintenance)
    -Photogene (crop, rotate etc for pics)
    -LogMeIn (remote desktop)
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    MLB Gameday
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    That's my top 5. BeeJive connects to every IM service. SimplifyMedia streams MP3 from your home (iTunes or WinAmp). Facebook ought not need any explanation. MLB streams baseball audio (home/visiting) plus select live games for $10 a year. Also has a completed game feature - few hours after a game, watch every key pitch, takes about 10-15 minutes to watch the whole game.

    The iTunes app is a killer - download and play podcasts live. Podcast management on the Pre is non-existant.
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    Kinoma Player
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    What's On?
    Minesweeper (my favorite PC game)
    Tap Tap Revenge 2

    All FREE
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    *signs into itunes to see the actual programs I downloaded and used on my iPhone/iPod touch*

    Let's see:

    Tap Tap Revenge
    DanceDance Revolution
    Done Drinking
    Apache Lander

    Simplify Media
    eBay Mobile(this was the best mobile ebaying experience)
    Amazon Mobile
    Now Playing/Box Office (Fandango does this pretty well)
    Shazam (Got a hacked version for my WinMo Phone)
    Trapster (the iPhone version has a nice GUI and tracking system that's lacking in WinMo)
    Palringo (Multi IM support + voice/picture messaging)
    AOL Radio
    iHeart Radio
    LogMeIn (DEFINITELY going to miss this from WinMo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    T pain Auto Tunes! I want It!
    That one actually sounds fun, even if for only a day, fun.
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    The only one that I would really love is Shazam - I used it all the time on my WinMo phone.
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    That new USAA app.
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