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    Having had an iphone 3g, I'd agree that 99.999% of the apps were crap, or apps that were cool for the first week. The saving grace was that you were more than likely to find what you wanted by searching through the multitude available. Out of the pages of apps I had, I only used about 2 regularly. And while functionally they were great, they were unstable and crashed more often than not. I don't know if it was the OS itself or the apps but I always had the latest of everything installed which helped little.
    99.9% that sounds scientific! i cant say i have personal experience just friend and what not tell me! and what i see on add and youtube. but i guess if you had one then you would know for sure! its all fart apps then i retract my statement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eltaco View Post
    I have an HTPC and there is an app I use on my iPod that acts like the touchpad on a laptop. Uses the WiFi for connection.
    This would be the best app ever!
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    Heres what I want on my Pre

    Wolf 3D
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour
    Need for Speed Undercover
    Metal Gear Solid
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    Visual voicemail I know it won't happen.

    if it weren't for the underlying linux, I'd be considering switching back to iphone
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    Photo editing apps such as Photogene. I highlighted some for the iphone/ipod touch here.
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    need for speed with the acceloramater
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    I know some here have mentioned it already, but an app for Orb would be great. I used to use it on my WM phone and loved it. The Iphone version is pretty cool. Ampache seems like a decent alternative, but is a little complex with the server set up. Orb is so simple. My 2 cents.
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    Newsstand, Docs to go, Amazon, eBay, Deliveries, Stanza, EA Sudoku. I'll be happy
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