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    I have an HTPC and there is an app I use on my iPod that acts like the touchpad on a laptop. Uses the WiFi for connection.
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    1st post! yay! anyways...i would love a dedicated myspace app, as well as shazaam and some nice free games to play around with while i'm bored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakeSteveJobs View Post
    I'd say 50% (at least) of the iPhone Apps are junk. I'm not a big gamer so there really isn't one that I "must" have on the Pre'.

    50% of that apps are junk...

    so if there are 50,000 apps does this mean there are 25,000 iphone apps that aren't junk?

    I just think its funny how its a sin to call the iphone a good phone in this forum.
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    Fictionwise ereader (I use it on Classic but it is imperfect.)
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    My friend just downloaded an app where he can make beats on his phone, download samples from the phone's mic, and then even transfer them back into his mac when he gets home. The actually come out real good too...I was pretty impressed.
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    Google Voice (I don't know if this is an iphone app. I just want it for the Pre)
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    I was happy to see Pandora was in the first batch of apps.

    I'm not what I consider an average user but I'd like to see :
    Stanza - I think it's the best e-book reader I've used.
    Koi Pond
    Air Sharing
    Aqua Forest
    Flight Control
    EverNote (the rest of the features)
    Remember the Milk
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    Friends love Shazam helps you 'Name that tune'
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    A street View for Google Maps. Someone has come up with a bookmark. You can make an app like "My Referrals" that let's you map out home-calls and information about customers, etc and gives you a street View in Google Maps so that you know what house you're looking for. I bible study on Saturday and it's what the lady who Bible studies with me uses. I probably don't have the name of the app right, but you get the essence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayfe1 View Post
    That new USAA app.

    Wow I thought I was the only one that was waiting for them to release a WebOS version.
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    I think those fart apps are stupid. I know some kids who use them to be smart alecks.
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    GV Mobile!
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    magic taxi. (ties into the taxi network in metro cities and lets you flag one/track it)
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    Never had an iPhone so can't comment on any of those apps, but there is must have list of apps that I want to see asap:

    • Better email client (i.e. something like old Chatteremail client on Palmos)
    • TCPMP or VLC player port with divx, avi, etc support
    • Full Dataviz DTG suite
    • SlingBox
    • Facebook App
    • Epocrates
    • Skyscape apps!
    • LJP EMU PORT for games!
    • Skype APP
    • Garmin maps for alternative to telenav
    • Decent file browser like RESCO!
    • IM client with YIM, AIM etc suport!

    Thats just a short list off the top of my head....
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    For starters:

    Phone Aid (medical emergency guidance)
    i.TV (provides Cable & Satellite TV providers schedules and channel legends for user selectable zip code)
    Dashbuster (Blockbuster queue manager)
    MLB At Bat
    World Clock

    All of the above are (or at least were) free in the app store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    Google Voice (I don't know if this is an iphone app. I just want it for the Pre)
    Apple is currently taking a boatload of flack for blocking GV from the iPhone.
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    visual voicemail hands down.
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    I'd like to see something like shazam eventually make it to the Pre.
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    the people that say fart apps is all apple is got are so freaking lame they are palm fan boys! apple has tons of cool,, polished, apps to many to list! ill take it all!! these palm fan boys that scream fart apps everytime you say apple they can have there lame lights out game! but everyone of them would take any apple app if they could get!! then they wont be able to live with them selfs or another palm fan boy might catch them and they will be outcasts!!
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    Having had an iphone 3g, I'd agree that 99.999% of the apps were crap, or apps that were cool for the first week. The saving grace was that you were more than likely to find what you wanted by searching through the multitude available. Out of the pages of apps I had, I only used about 2 regularly. And while functionally they were great, they were unstable and crashed more often than not. I don't know if it was the OS itself or the apps but I always had the latest of everything installed which helped little.
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