N97 free on 45pcm
600 xnet mins
Unlimited Text
Unlimited Internet

This a 12 month contract total cost = 540

After which you can downgrade the contract or just walk away the phone is yours.

Iphone 3GS 32GB

600 mins
500 Text
Unlimited Internet

274.23 phone cost
18 months at 34.26

Total cost over 12 months = 685.35

But as its a 12 month contract full cost is = 890.91

In the UK there are far more better deals on phones from competitors. When people compare the Iphone v other phones they tend to forget to price in the substantial price differences.

In the UK o2 has always been one of the more competively priced networks - more so than Vodafone but it's clear that they are paying a hefty price for exclusivity which they need to pass onto the customers.

It would be interested who picks up the Pre and how they will price it. I think if it's priced competitively in Europe Pre could take Europe by storm.