Sprint coverage forced me to give up the phone sometime ago. Now in fairness to Sprint - they had recently purchased a local cellular company and were having many difficulties with the conversion. Voice mail didn't work, phone wasn't recognized by this supplier until I moved into a true Sprint network. Ok, that aside:

Phone features were fine. One annoyance was the time to turn the unit on and off relative to the Palm functions. It would take 2 to 5 seconds to turn off/on the phone although the Palm portion might already be on. It appears that Handspring has done a good job with at least the physical button to turn off the ringer on their phone.
Speakerphone portion lacked some functionality: volume setting couldn't be forced to one level.

The Palm side - couldn't use any of my favorite hacks due to conflict with the soft graffiti area. Don't know about Wordsmith but Documents to Go was fine so I'd assume Wordsmith would work.

The screen was marginally visible in direct sunlight. Not nearly as good as my M515 or an iPaq. More along the lines of a Prism or IIIc.

I can say that if Sprint's coverage was as good as AT&T, which I went back to, (no penalty from Sprint due to their problems) I'd still be using the device.

I think at the moment though, I'll wait for a GSM/GPRS device from Palm that is supposedly coming this fall.