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    I've tried many launchers for my Sony Clie 710, but none of them seem to satisfy me...which in your opinion if the best?

    Basic Launcher: Not enough features, large icons...

    SilverScreen: No Hi-Res support, sluggish...

    Launcher III: Don't like tabbed interface, large icons

    MegaLauncher: too much wasted space, large icons

    CrsLauncher: icons a bit small, don't like tabbed interface

    RoNdo: hard to use if you have a lot of apps...looks great though

    PocketFolder: bad support for the clie and hi-res

    Someone needs to come out with a great high-res, VFS launcher...SilverScreen is the best for now, but it needs to be faster, hi-res, and better VFS support. Any ideas? comments? suggestions?
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    I personally love LauncherIII. The newest version has VFS support and jogdial support. Although the jogdial support seems to conflict with JogAssist (has anyone else run into that?).

    But if you don't like the tabbed interface...well... I dunno.
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    i LIKED megalauncher, but then it became unstable and the new versions dont work on my clie. i use launchem now

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