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    I was just checking out palms site and it looks like they have launched thier m125.,+2001

    I guess this is what the Neo is competing against.

    From my first glance at these items (I could be wrong) here is my short summary:
    price m125 $250 - Neo $200
    expansion m125 SD slot - Neo springboard
    Both have a variety of case colors and USB ports.
    Software wise its palm os 4 vs 3.5H
    I think the Neo has a bigger screen.
    memory is 8 meg in each.

    Of the above I think the biggest factor is the price so Handspring would have the advantage there.

    I wonder, since the m125 has the universal connector, does this mean palm is going to phase out the m100,105 with its serial connector?
    Are those guys going to be left out? At least with handsprings new models all accesories for them are backward compatable.
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    I got to hold an M125 at office depot yesterday. It's pretty cool. Still has the same ol' screen. Oh well.
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    Actually in the gadgeteer review, the palm m125 screen is like .001 SMALLER than he m100. Palm just doesn't get it do they..
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