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    Well the pre is my first smartphone. i really liked it a lot even though i have crap service at my house. Buuut on the 2nd day everything seemed to go bad. First gesture area stopped working. then later that night the bottom of touch screen also went bad. it seemed like it was spreading. i thought to myself no big deal i can still use phone i can wait until they get more in. Next morning i go to gym before sprint store opens and then apps start opening left and right and closing. i look at phone and ripples are everywhere like it's being touched. pretty crazy lol. couldn't even turn it off i had to just take the battery out.

    so i went to sprint and they hand none in stock of course. i gave the representative my e-mail since my phone is jacked and none have come in yet. i think i'm going to give it 1 more day because i can't go another day without a phone.

    Now i may just get another phone and prob try pre out again in a year if they fix the hardware or come out with diff version. like if they put webos on a treo pro style phone ,that could be interesting.

    So after a day with a decent data phone. i know i can't go back. if you had to choose a phone other then pre on sprint what would it be? right now im considering just getting a cheap 8330 curve thats like 50 bucks after rebates.

    Any suggestions?
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    Well looks like things have gotten worse...

    I spoke with sprint corp this morning wondering if they knew when the next shipment would be. basicly they said he doesn't know for sure ,but there will be a shipment with pres or maybe with no pres today at my sprint store. the sprint corp representative contacted the store and basicly the store representative confirmed that the next shipment coming in i would be receiving one and they would send me an e-mail when it was in.

    So later that day i receive no email at all and then i get a msg from my friend who also had a bad pre and that he went to sprint and they gave him a replacement. so i'm like whatever i guess they forgot. so i go the store and i waited in line. i watched 2 ppl in front of me get one and another guy get rejected because he was not eligible for the upgrade. so they get to me and i was flat out told sorry you aren't high enough on the list.

    Now this is where it gets strange. i went in and told them my pre was broken before my friend even went up there ,so there is no way i am not high enough on this bs list. also i've recieved emails from corp and the store rep i delt with that i would be receiving one this shipment. So ya i'm pretty annoyed right now. I thought about just getting a cheap blackberry curve or something and be done with it. But i figured why bother being with a carrier that has been making me jump through hoops to get my phone replaced.

    I tell the rep im canceling and to return my money for the pre. then they start telling me what actually happened while im speaking with corp to cancel. apparently the rep i originally dealt with and so did the corp rep did not put me on the list when i originally went up there. After that they admitted that i should of had my phone today and that next shipment i could have one. but i've gone a few days with no working phone and i had waited enough. so i just canceled

    sorry for the wall of text. i'm just really annoyed right now and needed to vent

    now i'm thinking of what service provider to try out. it's either going to att for a iphone or maybe i'll just go to alltel because they have good coverage in my area. i have no real experience with t-mobile ,but thats another possiblity.

    any suggestions on what phone i should give a shot that is reliable lol?
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    Well, I've looked all over, and have seen no issues anything like that, looks like you are one unlucky dude! I'd try a replacement ASAP, which will obviously be hard, cus the waiting list as you mentioned...

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