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    Sony has officially released the updated 710 with a new name and a new OS. It is now the 760 and it is running OS4.1. It appears to be identical to the 710 except for the OS. They are now advertising it with a 16 bit display. Price is still $499.99.

    They have also officially released the MP3 player add-on for all other CLIE models. Price is $129.99 for that.

    It will be very interesting to see if Sony charges for the OS update for those people with the 710. I know they are charging in the Japanese market, but I wonder if that will carry over to the American Marketplace.
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    Looks like the 760 is intended as a replacement for the 710. Outside of some mentions of the 710 on the Sony Clie website (probably to cover any 710s that are still available at various sales outlets), Sony only mentions the 760, 610 and 320. (And the new MP3 add-on for the N610 and S-series.)
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