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    I'm sure in a couple months most of our issues will be fixed and we'll probably have some new features to boot, so feature comparisons are silly when it's a matter of an update to change.

    But already Blackberry is claiming their new Storm is a going to kill the Pre. A good sign for sure that we have a phone that will be a target of other manufactures to beat.

    Gizmodo - BlackBerry Storm Squashes the Palm Pre; According to Verizon, Of Course - Blackberry storm vs palm pre
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    RIM still has a lot to prove with a touch screen OS. I used a Storm for a while and it was awful. Even after the most recent update it was borderline unusable for me. Plus the lack of a physical keyboard takes it out of the realm of a serious business device into the realm of multimedia toys, IMHO. Especially for BlackBerrys.
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    Storm 2 has been talked on Engadget, I recall they call it a incremental evolution on top of Storm 1.

    consider the crap the storm 1 is, I can't imagine its any good.

    will wait and see. But guess Pre is really attracting publicity now.
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    I was this close to getting a Storm when it came out - but I heard about the Pre and waited for a long time - I am so glad I waited.
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    Those matrices they make up are always hilarious. Palm/Sprint isn't innocent of doing the same exact thing. Especially when they have a column that says "Sprint NASCAR" with big "NOs" in the competition's columns.
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    I actually played with a Storm today. After having the Pre for 3 days there is no way in heck I would get it. The touch screen is horrible and I have never seen a phone with that much lag. I like the design and it feels well built, that is the only thing positive about the storm.
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    So the Pre isn't a rev. A device?
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    What interests me more so than the device itself is the fact that they are making singling out the Pre and not the iPhone.

    Yep, there's a new sheriff in town!
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    Until BB can make a browser worth using their devices will be worthless to me.
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    What's this? RIM supports infanticide (killing baby pres)? And to think I've been working my *** off this summer so I could get a co-op job for them in January .

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