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    Been a Sprint customer for 10 years. The iPhone comes out and I am jealous. I waited forever for Sprint to get it or something like it. heard about the Pre and waited like most of you.

    I get the Pre and have the light leakage, not real bad but its there. Battery life not to good for me either.

    Also coincidentally, my Sprint service just got bad in the last couple weeks at my house. Wasn't like this before. Called Sprint they offered me an airave and free service with it. Told them I would let them know.

    Disgusted with Sprint and Palm after watching all the iPhone news today. App for this, app for that. Wow that phone has more support than anything else out there.

    Decided I would pick one up at 99 bucks just to test service at my house and overall feel of the iPhone.

    Wow the iPhone has a bigger screen! Damn, this ATT coverage at my house is full bars 3g. Facebook app! Golf app that I want so badly. Not to mention I can hack the thing like my touch and get everything for free (sorry if this is frowned upon by you).

    I played with the iPhone till it was dead. Typing on it is no harder then typing in a Pre. Then, I pull the Pre back out and start using it again, man I got to admit the OS on the Pre really is light years ahead. The way synergy works, the way its not obtrusive when notifications come in. The way it doesnt cost me an arm and a ******ing leg for Sprint service.

    Side by side, you tube is night and day difference. Wow the video on the iphone, the quality of the videos was like watching something in a low blurry rez while the Pre made the same exact video look like I was watching it on my HDTV.

    The way the phone fits in my hand and pocket is just soooo much better than the iPhone. The bigger screen on the iPhone? you get over it in about 2 minutes. Just doesn't make a functional or practical difference. Pre wins screen.

    So I thought I would decide over the next week which phone to keep. Its not going to take me that long. The iPhone is going back tomorrow.

    The Pre beats this iPhone in usability, speed, looks, and service price.

    I just need to be patient for the app support. It will come, I know it will, When this phone (or other webos models) hit other carriers webos is going to be something to contend with. This Pre will be huge and will be the number 2 phone out there. Dont get me wrong, I think its number 1 by far but people love to do what everyone else does. So the iPhone will be number 1, as far as how many out there, for a long time.

    But that doesnt matter to me, the pre is a better phone and number 2 isnt bad when number 2 sells 10 million phones too!

    We just need Palm to fix some issues which they will and have better QC on the hardware. Its hit or miss right now if you get a good or bad phone.

    The bugs will be worked out, the apps will keep coming, and we can feel great knowing we have the best phone out there.
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    dude, ur post was spot on. I have the iTouch and had the iPhone which I gave up for the pre. The pre is awesome in comparison. Don't they have an app to enable PalmOS apps to run on WebOS?

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    Excellent post man.

    I thought this was another doom and gloom Pre thread haha....nice write up.
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    I'm rooting more for the WebOS, as long the OS succeed the hardware will too and if there will be problem it will be a minor issue. Majority of the complaints are software related. So as long as the OS continue to grow, Palm will be on a good road.
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    I do find Pre takes 3 days to discover,

    I was crazy about multi-tasking already, and today found universal search is so good, since Palm synergy email, contact, phone, IM together, I can universal search to do email, IM, phone, wiki, google altogether.

    Its crazy!

    I agree app is currently a shortcoming, I suggest palm to remedy it by offering free classic app. And roll out SDK ASAP.

    Eventually, I fail to see game being important, its nice to have, but it will kill your battery sooner than anybody want, at the same time, people don't just play that much games on a phone.
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    WOW. You have restored my faith in humanity with a single post...

    In all seriousness, very impressive that you took the time to review each phone in your house. Most either bash and destroy, or cut and run before looking at what each device has to offer. KUDOS for you!
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    I have a 2G iPod Touch and I have a Pre. Best of both worlds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannKnee View Post
    I have a 2G iPod Touch and I have a Pre. Best of both worlds.
    Sorry OT:
    I actually plan on getting an itouch, to replace my ipod nano. =D.
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    yea one thing Apple has going for them is the unlimited supply of apps... even though 2/3 of them are horrid quality / not worth the time.
    ( ) - Over 7000+ Wallpapers for your Palm Pre... Enjoy!
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    It's just amazing how well the Pre fit into my life just seamlessly. I was at the Sprint Store, waiting for them to check out another phone that I had to bring in and I was just listening to music, surfing the web and AIMing, all at the same time. It was seriously the most awesome mobile experience ever. Little laggy but since this is a 1.0 release, I'm willing to forgive it since it offers so much. I just need multi-IM protocols and a flashlight app and this will be the only thing I need to carry... That and some more apps :P

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