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    What PDA's have you owned in the past? Here is my list in chronological order. Of course I don't have all of these currently, I have sold them in the past to generate $ for the new ones:

    Palm Pilot 1000
    Palm Pilot Professional
    Casio Cassiopiea A-11
    Texas Instruments Avigo
    NEC MobilePro 400
    Rolodex REX 3
    Palm Pilot IIIxe
    Palm Pilot IIIc
    Xircom Rex 5000
    Palm Pilot m100
    Casio E-105 w/ Casio CF Digital Camera
    Handspring Visor Solo
    Handspring Visor Deluxe w/ Eyemodule
    Compaq IPAQ H3150 w/ CF Sleeve
    Compaq IPAQ H3650 w/ PCMCIA Sleeve

    I currently own a Handspring Visor Edge because of the slim form factor, sleek design, battery life, and I really didn't need color. Plus I wanted to go back to the Palm OS because WinCE just takes too many clicks and taps to do what Palm OS can do. However, once Pocket PC 2002 comes out....

    What is your history?
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    Paper and Pencil
    Handspring Visor Deluxe

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    .....Sprint PCS Treo 650
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    HP Jornada
    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Prism
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    TI organizer
    2 meg Visor
    Upgraded to 8 meg
    Upgraded Platinum to 16 meg
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Palm Pilot IIIx
    Visor Delux
    Visor Prism
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    Unorganized and internetless in my bedroom
    Visor Platinum
    Hopefully soon an Audrey, but still going to keep the platinum.
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    What's an Audrey?


    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Platinum
    Sony Clie N710C
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    Originally posted by Fat_Man
    What's an Audrey?
    3com's discontinued "Internet Appliance", basically a stripped down computer running QNX with an Email app and Internet browser and that's about it. Availible for under $100 on ebay, it used to be $500.
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    1. Sharp Wizard - early version, purchased in Japan in 87.
    2. Sharp Wizard - don't recall version, purchased when the first Sharp died.
    3. Sharp Wizard OZ-6500 - purchased newer model for more memory. Also had a fax modem.
    4. Palm Pilot Professional - when my Wizard was stolen.
    5. Visor Deluxe - more memory.
    6. Visor Prism - color baby.
    7. Rex 3 - Hey, it was on sale. Don't use it much.
    8. RIM Blackberry 957 - for email.
    9. Diamond Mako (Psion Revo Plus)
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    Palm IIIe
    Palm m100
    Handspring Visor
    Handspring Visor Deluxe
    Handspring Visor Platinum
    Handspring Visor Edge
    Handspring Visor Edge, take 2
    Handspring Visor Prism
    Handspring Visor Prism, take 2--coming any day now that the planes are flying again.
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    -Paper and Pen/Pencil
    -Some really cheap organizer
    -A cheapo royal organizer that synchronized with the computer by reading lines on the computer screen (strange eh?)
    -A third hand old WinCe 2.0 Everex Freestyle pro that was partially broken then broke after trying to fix
    -An ice Handspring Visor Deluxe (showed me that these things were actually pretty useful and i love the Deluxe )
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    Visor Platinum (screen got screwed returend to hs got a...)
    Visor Platinum (paint yuck! upgraded to a ....)
    Visor Prism (crcked case, screw holder on the inside rattling 'around got a ...)
    Visor Prism (hotsync port broke...)
    Visor Prism
    Visor Edge (jsut felt like having it. I gave it to my dad for his birthday though today...)
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    As a student, and with very little money...

    - Paper and pencil (saw an ad in PC Mag of Sept 1999, of a Visor Deluxe, wanted to have a PDA ever since)

    - Compaq 2010c (first PDA given to me by my brother, couldn't last on its battery for more than 30 mins!)

    - Palm IIIc (sold the compaq for the IIIc and GoType keyboard)

    - Diamond Mako (was only $99, but eventually returned it, because my next PDA could do everything it could do, couldn't justify keeping it. bought a stowaway instead.)

    - Sony Clie PEG-N710C (best PalmOS unit avaliable, HAD to have it, took me lots of savings and effort to get it, I love it)
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    Blue Deluxe
    Blue Deluxe Take II (dropped first one 3 hours after receiving it in mail)
    Prism Take II (Power button stopped responding)
    You know it's bad when your Calculus Professor uses the word "Unpossible"

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    • Daytimer
    • Cassiopeia E-11
    • Daytimer
    • Visor Deluxe
    • Visor Edge
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    Franklin Planner - about 3 years.
    Palm III - used it for about 1 year.
    Palm 5000 - purchased for development purposes. It used to be that this was the only way to get a PalmOS 1.0 ROM, no longer the case. Handspring Visor Deluxe - used it for about 1 year. Currently being used by my wife.
    Handspring Visor Prism - 8 months now.
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    Sharp YO-610 (1991)
    Sharp 9500
    Sharp Zaurus 5000
    Sharp Zaurus 3500
    Palm IIIe
    Visor Delux
    Visor Prism
    (own but do not use: Compaq 3560)
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    Pen & Notepad
    Visor Solo
    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Edge
    back to Pen and Notepad
    waiting for 7xx Clie's to ship WITH POs4
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    Daytimer 9 years
    Franklin Planner 2 years (used in conjunction with below)
    Sharp Zaurus
    Palm Pilot
    Palm Pilot 1000 (beta tested)
    REX 5000
    Casio E-10
    Casio E-15
    Palm III (beta tested)
    Palm V
    Vtech Helios (beta tested) did not keep after beta test
    Handspring Deluxe Graphite
    Handspring Deluxe Graphite (2) first one died 3 days out of box
    Palm IIIc
    Palm Vx
    Rex 6000 (returned after 2 weeks)
    Handspring Prism
    Visor Edge (returned after 10 days due to no backlight)
    Palm M505

    I won't wander from the Palm O.S. Platform cuz I've played with enough Windows machines and they are just to big and cumbersome.
    Moose Man
    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
    iPhone 3G, Treo 750, 680, 650, 600 and T5, T3, T, M515, M505, Vx, V, Prizm, Visor, IIIc, IIIe, Palm Pilot Professional, Palm Pilot (ok boys and girls a whopping 128k of memory - those were the days) and former Palm Beta tester.
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    Sharp YO-350
    Handspring Visor
    I need a new signature!
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