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    Casio Boss (1986?-1993)
    Poqet PC (1990-1995)
    HP 200LX (1993-1998)
    Palmpilot Pro (1997-1999)
    Palm 3X (1999-2000)
    Visor (2000-2001) (LOST IT)
    Palm M505

    I've "sync'd" with a workstation (from Old IBM PC to a Thinkpad) since 1987. Even the BOSS had a PC connector kit.
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    I forgot - I briefly had an early version of the Casio BOSS, between Sharp devices. It sucked compared to the Sharp, at least the version I had. I dumped it to get a new Sharp.
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    Visor Deluxe January-April
    Visor Edge April-August
    Visor Prism August-now

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    Ice Visor Deluxe - 9 months
    Silver Visor Edge - 1 month
    Palm m505 - 2 month

    Considering buying an ipaq/jordana for the fun of it. would make a good small multimedia machine. I'd still keep the m505 as my main pda though
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    DayTimer (4 years)
    HP 200LX ~ 1.5 years
    Psion Series 5 ~ 1.5 years
    Palm III ~ 1 year (overlaps with Psion usage)
    Palm V ~ 1 month (sold it to my brother and opted for the next machine...)
    Palm IIIx ~ 1 year (wanted more memory)
    Handspring Visor Deluxe ~ 1 year
    Handspring Visor Prism ~ 1 month (returned it...)
    Handspring Visor Platinum ~ 4 months (sold it to a co-worker)
    Handspring Visor Prism ~ 9 months (couldn't live without color)
    Agenda VR3 Developer Edition ~ 1 month (pretty rough; returned it)
    Compaq iPaq 3670 ~ 4 months (had to try WinCE)
    Sony Clié 760C -- ships around 2001.09.27, on pre-order

    Still using the Prism as my primary PDA. New Clié will replace the Prism; iPaq will go on sale shortly. (All times are approximate -- I didn't go back to look through receipts...)
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    Palm IIIe for 5 months.
    Visor Deluxe for 4 months (ice) , was later stolen from me
    Visor Deluxe for 7 months (This one fell on the floor and cracked)
    Visor Edge for 3 days, Bad power button (Needed hard pushing)
    Visor Edge 1 month, I love it!
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    brain - completely unreliable
    sticky notes - somewhat more reliable
    daytimer - quite reliable, but bulky
    daytimer + nokia phone (phone #'s, calendar, alarms) - reliable, bulky, but now somewhat electronic
    Visor (2mb + 8mb flash) - organizational nirvana

    On a related note, I just recently finished transferring several years worth of old calendar items from my daytimer to my Visor. Quite a daunting task, but very worthwhile.
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    Free TI Organizer I got w/ credit card application
    Franklin Day Planner - followed Franklin system w/ religious fervor and drove my friends crazy with how organized I became
    Visor Deluxe - UNREAL!

    I'm dying to get a Prism, but...$$
    - Don -
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    Paper and pencil
    Used Psion 3a bought in a thrift store (still use it as an ALARM clock)
    Handspring Visor Ice Deluxe.
    Dyed it purple.
    Painted it deeper purple.
    Taped together to fix the stupid bottom chassis screwpost breakage.
    Put in rechargable battery pack (ICU)
    Snapped icu charge head.
    Rubber banded charge head. Works fine.

    Decided I need a Prism. (Future)
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    Palm Vx - won it in a contest and sold it unopened to raise cash for a Visor!
    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Deluxe upgrade to handle wireless modem
    Visor Prism
    NEED to trade in Prism, perhaps - buttons are not always working
    WANT the Treo built-in-phone device IF color comes along
    MIGHT do the bulkier VisorPhone to keep the color IF gsm comes to my area
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    PalmPilot Pro
    Palm IIIxe (for a week)
    visor deluxe
    visor prism
    visor edge
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Sharp organizer (can't remember what model)
    DayRunner planner
    Palm Pilot Pro
    Visor Deluxe
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    Franklin Day Planner - 14 years
    Sharp Zarus - until I stepped on it
    Timex Datalink watch - Geek toy of the year!
    Casio - cheapopia or some such thing
    Visor Delux
    Visor Prism
    Visor Prism w/ Franklin Covey Outlook program
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    Brain (not sure of usefullness) Apr '63 - Feb '83

    Modified said brain in USMC (can't say for certain that any changes were good/bad, except now I always wake up w/o alarm clock) 1983 - 1987

    Did not use anything Feb '87 - Oct '89

    Chalk on concrete floor and sketch paper (glassblowers don't need to do much scheduling, all you ever do is eat, sleep, and blow glass)Oct '89 - Dec '95

    Franklin Planner (both wife and I started w/ classic sized) Dec '95 -Nov '98

    Compact Franklin Planner (needed something smaller because I would never bring my planner with me) Nov '98 - Dec '99

    Green Visor Deluxe (needed something more interactive and wanted to have one) Dec '99 - Mar (?) '00

    Blue Visor Deluxe (replaced lost gvd, Backup module earns its keep for the first time. Wife dumped Franklin for Palm Desktop at this time. When we got new Dell this month she switched to calender in MS Word Suite) Mar (?) '00 - now

    Don't need a smaller one, and don't NEED color although if I have a good month I may get a Prism. Bought a reduced Audrey and sync it in kitchen so wife has my schedule handy.
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    a few of those cheap li'l organizers
    pilot pro (i loved that palm!)

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    Paper Address Book
    Rolodex (really!)
    WinCard and MS Schedule (Schedule+, Schedule 7)
    Franklin Covey
    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Prism
    [FlashPlus in the mail from PalmGear:]
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    Here are the ones I've used regularly:

    Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100
    Atari Portfolio
    Amstrad PenPad
    Motorola Envoy
    Motorola Talkabout
    Visor Deluxe (Green)
    Visor Prism

    I've got a lot more that I never actually used in my collection (and I think I'm missing one in there somewhere.)
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    I think there was another thread similar to this on General Chat but here goes anyway. I also just found out what the Sharp PDA was. I am a school right now and I can't just go find out from my desk drawer.

    1. Sharp SE-500 - August 22?, 2000 - February 12, 2001
    2. Visor Deluxe - February 12, 2001 - August 8, 2001
    3. Visor Platinum - August 8, 2001 - June 2002?

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    Casio BOSS (64k I think. I got it from The Sharper Image in ~'88 in HS. Lost a few months later.)

    Casio BOSS (128k or 256k with Dictionary/Thesarus card. Picked up at PX in Okinawa. Sold when I got back to HI.)


    Palm III

    Wanted a Visor Deluxe but my wife got one first since I had the Palm III.

    Wanted an Edge but my wife broke the digitizer on her Deluxe twice in three months so she got the Edge.

    HandEra 330 w/64MB & 8MB CF cards. (By the time I had the money the HandEra was available and I love the display.)
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    Many failed attempts at paper based organizers
    HP Jornada 820(To bulky to really carry around everywhere)
    Palm V(Gave to my mother)
    Palm Vx(stolen)
    Silver Edge(lasted 1 week)
    Silver Edge(lasted 2 weeks)
    Silver Edge(Third time is a charm)
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