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    I read quite a few tech websites and read Seekingalpha and Business Insider and there seems to be a swarm of pro Apple fanboys.

    Now on websites like Seeking Alpha - where there is more analysis of business issues and stock prices some of this pro Apple fanbase has to do directly with some of these guys owning Apple stock so the last thing they want to read are negative comments about Apple and positive comments about competitors.

    But some of the comments that are reasonable are then voted down mercilessly. I kid you not if you post a valid argument against Apple or for say the Pre your comments will be mercilessly voted down.

    There seems to be a magical aura cast by Apple and I find it is becoming disturbing.
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    Well it happens on this site against people who defend Apple from illogical attacks. Pre fanboys are just as bad.
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    Fanboys in general are a PITA. All devices have issues. Get over it and yourselves and let everyone else have fun.
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    Are you perceiving some site as Apple-centric or are those sites simply reporting on real news, not the pseudo-news produced by devices on the margin?

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