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    Specifications war:

    Talking about new devices and preferably without root - j / b.
    let's make a comparison even though convinced,
    because there are cost much money! ...

    iPhone 3G S - Pre


    62.1 - 60 mm
    115.5 - 101 mm
    12.3 - 16.95 mm

    same weight, 135 g

    same camera 3MPx
    1536 x 2048 - 1520 x 2032
    16 - 8 GB
    SAR 1,19 - 0,92


    600 - 500 MHz, (probably can be clocked!)
    The pattern is the same, the samsung wins ...
    1400 - 1150 mAh (1350 mAh is the same size, extra cost)

    end value
    569 € - some 500

    I hear opinions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eltaco View Post
    If iPhone could be on Sprint.....

    iphone on sprint with the same plan i have now!!!!! done deal
    The Wams
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    I own both the pre and the iPhone 3gs and after extensive use of both I'd have to say the iPhone wins handily. I do like sprints network better. It is also much cheaper. The pre has a much more ergonomic and beautiful look to it. I do like the multitasking. However I've never found it to be that critical. I find the slight lag to open applications to be annoying, especially coming from the zippy iPhone. Sure, the pre can play music too but again the lag drives me crazy when trying to skip to the next song. Browsing is a hair faster on the iPhone and the larger real estate makes the Internet easier to surf.

    Finally I can not get over the some weird bugs. It seems like sometimes email attachments show up on the pre and sometimes they don't. On my iPhone ther is never a problem seeing any image or opening any attachment.

    I was a die hard physical keyboard guy until using the iPhone for a week. I have to say I can type faster than on any physical keyboard.
    I do get frustrated on the pre's cramped keyboard. I think a horizontal slider would be a better ergonomic choice.

    For now the pre is relegated to second place for me. I use it when I want a change of pace.

    Anybody else out there who owns both? What are your thoughts?
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    Display is a tie because of other features? No. Not even close.
    Applications a tie? Come'on... seriously.
    Multimedia a tie? Game over. Again, not even close at this time.
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