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    Okay, so, now that I know the date when I'll (hopefully, I'm actually starting to get nervous about inventory levels) get my Pre, I'm pulling out my Mogul for the interim and prepping my Touch Pro for sale. I've hard reset it, and the Mogul is now activated successfully, but the Touch Pro still shows my phone number, etc.

    How do I (if there's a way) completely wipe the Touch Pro so that it's ready for sale without my phone number, etc.?

    Anybody? Thanks!
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    You might be better off in a Touch Pro forum......
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    As Mythbusters puts it "When in doubt, C4!!"
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    Google "Touch Pro master reset"

    Will return it to how it came out of the box... even wipes the programming.
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    i think this is an option in the settings. i could be wrong though
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    Make sure you have activated the Mogul before you hard reset/sell. You need to have another phone activated for your number or the TP will reapply your number once the hard reset is done and it connects to the network.

    But as said above - either "clear storage" under settings or do the hard reset with the buttons which is the first link as mentioned above if Googled.
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    Thanks all!
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