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    For those of us waiting for the Pre to come out, we are hoping that the bugs at launch will be minimal or non-existent so that it can compete well with the new iPhone coming out shortly thereafter. So what I want to know is what type of bugs came with the release of the iPhone 1.0? How long before it was corrected?
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    ...what type of bugs came with the release of the iPhone 1.0? How long before it was corrected?
    Well it took a couple of years to "fix" the Cut/Copy/Paste "bug".
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    Safari kept crashing. I think it took them something like... uh... oh. It still crashes all the time. Never mind.
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    The bugs were mainly on the 3G from what I remember. Caused by an incomplete or unprepared AT&T 3G network (this is true on my end because other phones died on the network at one time), but there were also statements that Apple used an inferior 3G chip.

    Sprint claims a strong network and hopefully Palm didn't cut corners on the chip.

    I've gotten booted out of Safari but I think that has something to do with the site. It happens more on Cydia than any other site.
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