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    Hey all,
    I'm considering moving my wife from her Palm to an Ipaq. Does anyone know a PocketPC site (mainly a discussion board) that is as professional and thorough as VisorCentral is?
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    I've been thinking (heretically, I know ) of trading my Visor in for an iPAQ for various reasons to do with multimedia, storage space, and the ability to access all Windows file formats. I do, in fact, want a small computer in my pocket...

    In the research process, I have found several good sites: has reasonable Pocket PC coverage and good forums has good info and a good forum
    www.pocketpcthoughts has great info has slipped lately with their coverage, but has very good forums.
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    The sites above are all excellent. Also look at this site. made the switch a few months ago from Visor delux to Ipaq. I really liked my visor but I wanted more multimedia options. I've been very happy with my Ipaq.I donated my Visor to a needy college student who just neeeded basic PIM functions.

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