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    I'm sorry if I "offended" any of you, but I'm giving you people the way I see it. The fact is that most "musicphones" never even get loaded with music, because people either don't know how to or prefer their secondary PMP. (That's not me assuming, that's my personal experience from asking the hundreds of people I've met that have phones capable of playing music if they use their phone to do so - I've yet to meet a single non-iPhone owner that does so - if I ever meet one of you folks that does, I'll gladly revise/revoke my "blanket" statement.)
    That might be because the MP3 software on most phones is crap or perhaps because the phone lacks a 3.5mm audio jack (e.g. Centro or almost any HTC smartphone) or perhaps the limited memory capacity most of these devices (including the Pre) have. The other reasons I don't use the MP3 player on the Centro are the possibility of damaging the headphone jack and I don't want to tax the limited PalmOS by doing too many things at once.
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    I use my 700p as my media player. 4 gb SD card on it...with about 50 kb or free space on it. I think 8 gb will be fine with me. Usually when I want to listen to some old jams it's at home on my PC or a long car ride...which I can easily prep for.

    BTW...if you want a good 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter for a Palm product the best is BOSE. I bought a mobile conversion kit from them and their palm connector is perfect.
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    Dr. J & Preference;

    Count me in as one of those people as well. Right now I have two TX's and a 755p. I am on Verizon through work so switching to a Pre on Sprint is NOT an option at this time. I have a 160gb iPod Classic for carrying around my entire music collection, so anything I do with my smartphone would be as a secondary media player and likely with an emphasis on video playback.

    That said, I am going to insist on having at least 16GB (prefereably via removable card), a removable battery, 320x480 or greater screen, and a 3.5mm headphone jack in whatever my next "new" smartphone will be. So that pretty much rules out everything between HTC's offerings, the Pre, and the iPhone. BTW, I tried a BB Storm for a few days and absolutely hated it.

    If the Pre were available right now on Verizon I don't know that I'd grab a first-gen model. I'm definitely not switching providers to get one. So right now I am contemplating whether to tough it out for another year with my current setup or pick up a cheap spare 755p or a Centro "just in case".
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    You'd be surprised by the people who had (and still have) no clue the Centro or Treo even plays music.
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    Well, I hope I am at least thanked for causing this argument
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