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    That's just weird that it's quarter of an inch shorter then a Centro!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyTurboII View Post
    That's what I was thinking. Now we know what popped off the center button.
    Turn up your screen brightness. The button's there.
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    Another good size comparison shots of the Pre & 2 recent Palm products (next to the 755p & Centro):

    I was absolutely astounded at how small the Pre was relative to even the Centro. It's obviously quite a bit longer with the keyboard extended but I imagine it'll still feel really good in the hand.

    Heck, if anything, I'd not have had a problem with them making it a tad bit chunkier, if it would've permitted a microSDHC slot, a slightly bigger battery capacity, or a 3.5" screen (iPhone-sized).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    I still think this picture is much better than that one.
    Flickr Photo Download: Palm Pre Size Comparisons
    Wow, look at the brightness on that thing compared to the others.

    Could be settings i suppose.
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    Translated version of

    If the translation is correct and the person making the claims has any validity, seems that the Palm Pre is prone to scratches.
    Not that it matters all that much to me, I just want it in my hands with the latest version of webOS.
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