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    do you know that commercial where the women uses x-ray glasses to look at the guys pants? and then his phone beeps from his pocket? well im pretty sure their is a sony or handera(whichever one has the directional pad) or maybe it might be a pocket pc, in his left pocket. then he pulls it out towards the end of the commercial.
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    I'm pretty sure it's Wince. Probably the IPAQ, from the looks of it.
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    I would agree that it is an iPaq. The tell-tale signs (for me) are th curved bottom and the round 'arrow-button' pad right below the screen.
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    It was the commercial for Dockers new line of Mobile gear khakis. And yes, it was definitely an iPaq. Too bad they didn't show a close-up the iPaq's screen to illustrate what happens when you carry it around in your pants pocket...DUST!!!

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