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    This thing is so cool it's sick!
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    It looks nice, and TouchFlo is definitely improving, but on principle I'm not really a fan of needing to build a custom interface on top of things, just adds to how much power the CPU needs, etc. I prefer things that are lightweight, which gives me more ability to strain the CPU whenever I want to instead of tying it all up in the OS.

    I know that mobile CPUs are getting faster and faster, but at the same time, that also uses more battery in general.

    The speakerphone button idea is neat, but it'd be better with a small monochrome LCD on the back to let you know who is calling. I mean I don't use speakerphone often, but if I had it upside down and wanted to see who was calling and then could hit the button to answer the call and have it work in speakerphone mode would make more sense to me.
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    Some people with the current Touch Pro just turn Touch Flo 3D off if they don't like it and use the regular Windows Mobile interface.

    I did some benchmark testing with my own Touch Pro, with and without Touch Flo 3D on and it really didn't make much difference on CPU, but just a small difference.

    An LCD on the back is a nice idea. Currently the Touch Pro 2 has to be face up to see the caller and if a picture is associated with them of course that appears on screen. Once a call is accepted, the device can be turned over and I think it's supposed to flip into it's speaker mode from there. I guess the right setting would have to be on for that.
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    That phone does look hot. Reminiscent of the HTC Tilt. My boyfriend likes the Diamond 2 better and that's where we differ: I need a physical keyboard. I'm interested in venturing towards a WinMo phone but I want to stay in the Palm family. Hopefully by the time I have a full upgrade Palm will have some more Winmo phones
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    I like the display and I like that speakerphone option. I read on somebody's blog or feed or report that the HTC guys find they can lay it down in the car seat and talk on it just fine while commuting. I have to conference call alot when I am on a project - that would be neat if it works. I am still not that crazy about the thickness, but the specs have it about as thick as the Pre - so I guess I am gonna have to get used to it. I am also not so crazy about is WM. After looking at the Pre (as well as Apple), WM is looking a little old regardless of the skin. Think I am going to get the Pre and then see how that's working once the TP2 finally gets to Sprint - which I believe will be Q4 at best.
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