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    I know most of us didn't go to law school, but just looking at things: Do you think Apple could take down Palm in a court room? I don't think they can, and if it's a case for money I'm sure Sprint will back Palm -- they are betting everything on this phone, so they really need this to work!

    But beyond that...I think the Pre is another revolutionary phone, because it's just AMAZING in every way. ^_^ What do you think?
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    I think Apple would have to be completely stupid to sue. I don't think its just about who will win or lose in the courtroom... in this case it's about public opinion. Apple has for years tried to look like the good guy. Microsoft was the evil, large, cut throat, monopolistic company and Apple was supposed to be the cool little company with innovative cool ideas and snazzy designs. Whether that's true or not, i'll leave that up to you. The problem is that the moment Apple start looking like the big evil monopoly, their entire image goes out the window. In the court of public opinion, they look like they're scared and they're doing anything they can to take down "the little guy". If I was someone without much knowledge and I saw Apple going after another company bringing out a new cell phone, I'd automatically assume their phone was not even competitive functionally otherwise they wouldn't be bothering.
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    Palm has them scared. Suing over a gesture? Great move, don't dirty your own face.
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