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    Check it out:

    Looks like Palm wants to expand beyond PDAs.
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    From the article:

    Unfortunately, we've been unable to dig up any information as to what kind of products will be introduced, but several major players in the field of convergence technology such as Microsoft, IBM and Samsung will be present - so we're hoping for something that will increase the usability of Palms in homes all over the world (and perhaps even a new model or two will show up if we're really lucky .
    I know! They'll be unveiling the new 'Martha Stewart Edition' m505 with a hand-crocheted doily slip-case and Martha's favorite recipe software preinstalled. Always innovating, Palm is!
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    Haha, great innovation by Palm, innovating things that Handspring Visors can already do... And adding features the Clie can already do... The m505 is keeping Palm alive, if they don't come out with a killer product, Handspring and Sony will have to be big brother and clean up after little brother.
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