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    Last weekend, I finally found a suitable replacement for my 700wx (Sprint). I've had the phone for 2 years, and found the 700wx a great phone during my ownership. However, with the new advances in pda and smartphones the past half year, I've been eagerly looking to replace the 700wx with something newer.

    Behold, the HTC Touch Pro. While there are several things from the treo that I will miss, there are many more things I won't miss. The screen on the touch pro is simply amazing. Simply. Amazing. The keyboard is way easier to type (albeit you have to flip it out...slightly annoying) and the bluetooth works. There are a couple of cool little applications, along with TONS of registry edits that have been carried over from the Touch, Touch Diamond, Mogul, and even from the 6700.

    Sadly, the phone does lag every now and then, while the 700wx was always strictly business and consistently reliable. Also, changing from 1 handed use with the treo to two handed use with the TP was not fun. I was going to wait for the Palm Pre to come out before making a decision as to what new phone to get, but then I read some reports taht the new Palm Pre would probably not work with my plan (Sprint SERO!!). Plus, the Touch Pro was on sale for $200 minus $100 mail in rebate, plus a $70 service renewal credit (I was 22 months into my contract) so I couldn't pass up the deal.

    Things to note - for those who still own a 700wx, GET A SKIN FOR IT. Bestskinsever or invisible shield, it doesn't matter. When I peeled off the skin about 6 months ago, the phone looked almost brand new where it was covered. I already received my new skin for the Touch Pro - just need to apply it.
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    where did you find this deal?
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    I also have a Touch Pro but I also have a 700wx (back up and outside work device). Turh ClearType off. Should speed up your lag. Also change your Task Manger setting to "X completely closes program". This will insure when you press X it will kill it. Both of these should give you speed.

    You are correct, the invisiable shield is by far the best. A bit pricey but a winner.
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    I love the Touch Pro, just still having problems adjusting to the pad and find myself annoyed throughout the day when using Excel and the button - rolls the resolution at the most inconvenient times. Also love the Bluetooth and the radio that never goes off.

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