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    The m505 is the great combination of color and svelte design, now I wonder when Handspring, who is supposed to be the leader, not the follower, will come out with theirs. Of course, they need to rethink the expansion module thing as slapping that huge adaptor on the beautiful slim Edge body is not exactly inspiring...
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    Well...we HAVE to remember many things come into play for Handspring and Jeff Hawkins. The m505, is NOT a great color machine, but it is is some way a great in design and awesome in form factor. We have to remember handspring is dedicated to service and quality, and so far, EVERY product they have is QUALITY. Even down to the Visor Solos. They all are greatly built, in every aspect. Right now, the technology isn't there to make a small handheld with a brilliant color screen, so handspring doesn't build it. They're like Apple, you couldn't have a light weight, thin, laptop without sacrifising power and features a few years ago, now you can, and it shows with their PowerBook G4's and iBooks. Handspring will not make and release anything, unless it has quality on it.

    However, I am a little scared for Handpspring, I hope the rumors about price drops and new models are true. The Visor Solo at $150, while you can get a Sony Clie PEG-S300 for the same price. Or the Visor Edge at $400 while you can get an m505, or Sony Clie PEG-N610C for the same price. Handspring needs to do something to stay in the game, and I'm convinced they will. Hawkins is a brilliant man, I love em'. The m505 is just an "okay" device, its keeping Palm alive, but it's not a great product. Hawkins / Handspring = Quality. Palm, Inc = make money, even if it means coming out with a crappy color device. hehe, my thinkings...

    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .

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