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    For those that don't know me, I'm a long-time Palm OS user. I bought an HTC Touch when they first came out, played with it for a while, but then re-activated my Treo 700p. I never got around to ebaying the Touch, and I'm feeling a little antsy about wanting to try something new again. Since deactivating the Touch, I know that an official ROM upgrade came out activating GPS and EVDO Rev A, and included WM 6.1, an Opera browser, etc. I also know that there are several unofficial ROM upgrades out there and launcher/home replacements taken from other HTC Touch devices. And Android also apparently works pretty well from a full-featured standpoint on the Touch.

    So I'd be interested in hearing some opinions from those familiar with how the Sprint HTC Touch worked when first released, and whether the experience is much better now that the new ROM updates are available. If anyone's actively using Android on their Sprint Touch, I'd love to hear more about that as well.
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    Yesterday I went from the 800W to the Touch Pro and for the most part am enjoying the experience. The Palm OS is great and fast. The 800W easy to use. The Touch Pro has taken a bit of getting use to. So far everything is working fine, but I am having a problem with certificates.

    Also, the one-handed aspect of the Treo series is great; it is not there with the Touch Pro. The reason for the change: 3 defective Treo 800W devices and I was ready for a change.

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