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    The way I see it both Palm and PPC changed and got more closer to the other..
    Palm got more multimedia and better office support while PPC got better battery life and smaller form factor..
    Those were the mayor differences 2 years ago, nowadays the differences on that front are hardly there anymore..
    Both OS use similar hardware, that's true. But early design thinking brings subtle but very different challange to Palm.

    Palm was an organizer turn connected organizer, finally wireless connected organizer. It is still fundamentally a patch up IIIxe. The file system, the way user interact with program, wireless, peripheral slots. Even the supposedly multimedia capability shows this restrain (inability to play file from internal memory, inability to stream via wireless, etc)

    Graphic management for eg is also a throw back from organizer era. It lacks support of truetype fonts and flexible input plug in, even the screen is an echo of 160 by 160 screen.

    The difference may not be as obvious as iPaq 3600 vs m130 anymore, but even taking models like Axim X5 vs. Zire 71 one can quickly feel the difference between 'organizer' and a handheld PC' thinking. It's the softwares and peripherals that cannot grow in POS because of the OS limitation. The unit itself maybe similar, but beyond basic organizer and simple apps, the difference couldn't be more pronounce.

    Apparently Palm plan to address this with OS 6.0. We shall see.
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    Streaming WiFi video would be nice, but do you really need it?
    Same with MP3/video from internal mem. sound and video are too big to store in internal mem to be usefull.. Trust me I had one of the early solid state MP3 players. I loved it, but the limit of internal mem (32Mb then) was too much of a pain....

    I like to use my PDA internal mem for apps. and data..

    As for graphic management, my ancient NR70V has a great 320x480 screen. anything bigger would make a unit too chunky..

    What do you mean with 'flexible input plug in'?

    you say: 'and peripherals that cannot grow in POS because of the OS limitation.' yet there are many many more palm OS apps then PPC ones... I cant really say I miss an app or peripheral on POS that is available on PPC.. I'm sure you can find an example, but I doubt it if there is a big need for a peripheral like that...

    I agree with you that the OS has its limits, but so does PPC.. Palm focused on simplicity and eas of use while PPC is more a 'jack of all trades, master of none' approach..
    PPC has some advantages, so has POS.. it is up to the end user to decide which system fits them better.. and that isnt allways the best technological one (remember VHS?)

    At this momemt I personally prefer POS over PPC, but I am open to both of them (and EPOC for that matter, had a Mako for ages, loved the little machine). I like the elegance an ease of use of it..
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