Well, I see that I forgot to put this thread up back when I posted my Bold final review. Duh!!! Good thing we're extending the Round Robin until January 10th!

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the Bold even better than the Curve from last year's Round Robin. I love the Bold! I enjoyed using it, looking at it, and getting around on it via the very fast trackball. The screen is gorgeous and so easy on the eyes.

I love the keyboard and it was fun typing out emails and text messages. I thought the Bold as a phone was great, but not any better than my Palm smartphones or the iPhone. I think I actually liked the Bold better than the Fuze. Even though I like slide-out keyboards, it was nice not to have to slide one out while using the Bold. As Kevin mentioned over at CrackBerry.com, the Bold is an "on the go" device. Well, I definitely found that to be true. I could walk through my house and quickly be deleting emails or typing out a text message with one hand. The keyboard on the Fuze is long and you can't really type one-handed on it. So I would consider the Fuze a stop-and-go device and the iPhone as well. Especially considering the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone, which I'm still not all that great at typing on. I can type on the Centro and Treo one-handed quite well though.

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