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    I just went to CompUsa's website...They have the PEG-S300 for sale for $149.99. They also have the S320 for $199.99. Will Handspring respond to this, because I don't really see anyone buying the Visor Solo (2mb) when they can get the S300 (8mb) for the same price. Also, don't you think the Platinum and Edge will have a hard time selling when the S320 has the most up to date os...and is cheaper? Any thoughts on this?
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    I agree that Handspring needs to respond. With the Palm M100 and the Sony S320, Handspring is getting sqeezed from both sides.

    Lets see how they handle the pressure.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Interesting question. On the one hand, they stuck by the prism's price for a long time after the IIIc got slashed. On the other, they're starting to look bad. They had the best priced/best featured pda around for the longest time, but the deluxe's OS is a good year and a half old, the platinum doesn't offer enough WRT to features to warrant an entirely separate device, etc. Not only do they need to cut prices, they also need to put manpower behind revamping their selection.

    1. Kill off the solo
    2. Take the best of the plat and deluxe and offer 1 device at $150-$200.
    3. Slim the prism down to deluxe/plat form factor - sell at $300
    4. Permanent price to $300 for the edge.
    5. Something 'edgy' with color (OLED?); probably hi res. Sell at $400 to make the others look bad again.
    6. Encourage adoption of and adaption to the edge connector.

    They're forgetting the price point and it's going to kill them. Springboard expansion has proven itself - but it shouldn't cost to get it. The goal should be to make springboard an industry standard (as defined by other companies - plural - paying licensing fees to use it); the only way that's going to happen is if their market share skyrockets and they become everyone's afternoon delight.

    IOW, the name of the game at this point is to put as many devices as possible into consumer's hands.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Amen to that ****-richardson.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Originally posted by mikedemo
    Amen to that ****-richardson.
    Good choice of words, considering DR's new avatar....
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.

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