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    I ordered a BB Storm and there is a bloodbath going on over at crackberry, on poor OS software being shipped, laggy phone, gap in the screen to collect dust and people not happy with now having to use 2 hands to send a txt... Along with Verizon only shipping 2 to 30 units per store!!

    After playing with the Storm for about 15 minutes... i really have an appreciation for Palm, and that disappoints me even more!! They were ahead of their time and dropped the ball.. Someone looked at my treo recently and said what is that? I said a Treo this was a touchscreen phone that was out YEARS before the iPhone.

    It's intuitive and easy to use and learn.. BOOOOOOOOOO Palm. I want you to step up, but your just not... And now i'm having second guesses about the storm and it's "click-able" screen. It's neat.. but i don't know.

    It just shows that palm has been so close for so many years.. and just got complacent and sat back.
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