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    WMExperts video,

    I never liked the full screen devices. But I've seen enough of this device, that I'm starting to like them .

    Shame this will never be available in the USA. But hopefully HTC has something better planned for US release. Since they said they've got something else coming our way.
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    I can't believe how excited I am about this HTC Touch HD. But not available in the US!? Should we start a petition for Sprint to bring this thing to the US? Heck, I'll sign up for 4 years if they want (assuming the same plan I have on my 755p).

    If someone at Sprint is reading this, please, please, please bring the Touch HD.
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    Since HTC claims to have something else in store for the US market, I'm hoping it's something better .

    I never wanted a full touch screen device and have always preferred a device with a real keyboard on the front. But seeing the on screen keyboard of the Touch HD in action, it seemed so easy to use and easy to get used to. I usually don't like the screen smudges, but I'm thinking I could really like something like the Touch HD.
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    I feel the same way. I always liked the Treo keyboard, I don't like the iPhone implementation but reading about the options available on WM, like the compact QWERTY, seems like a good option.
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