I am thinking about making the jump to a BB Storm but I'm a little concerned about usability. I am so used to just bouncing between 4 or 5 programs and I want to make sure I can replace them:

2Day with 4Cast: its a combined calendar and tasks program with weather imbedded in it.

Takephone: replacement phone app that includes shortcuts to certain contacts, quick access to call log, and ability to search names and companies without leaving the shortcuts screen.

NVBackup: program that backs up to the sd card and when done it uploads the files to an ftp server for offsite storage.

SplashID: Blackberry has a version.

Ebook reader

2Dial: program that will start on phone calls to specific phonenumbers (AKA voicemail) that visually shows your commands and will allow you to navigate through the system.

Notepad: allows you to write or draw quick notes.

Thanks in advance.