A dozen of Nokia smartphones leaked online with most of their major specifications, codenames and most importantly, their planned product announcement. Do not just get too excited though as there are no photos of the rumored devices so far. Still, there's some quite interesting pieces of specs information.

Before going to the details, Nokia sums up that Wi-Fi, built-in GPS and 5 MP autofocus camera will become common features for the planned Nokia smartphones. The large displays, FM radio and MP3 players will also be on.

There is one phone that stands out of the crowd. This is a device codenamed Corolla that will boast an 8 MP AF camera, 3-inch VGA 16M color TFT display, and a QW-ER-TY keyboard. GPS, Wi-Fi with UPnP, FM transmitter, HSDPA, 128MB RAM, and 8GB ROM are among the other features of the device, mentioned in the leak.

The other two monstrous devices are dubbed Ivalo and Eitri, featuring 3.5" touchscreen displays, 5 MP AF cameras and FM transmitters. The other ammo in the spec sheet of Ivalo includes 32GB ROM, aGPS, Wi-Fi, TV-out, and Bluetooth. Jumping over to Eitri, pay attention to the 8GB ROM, microSD, pressure sensitive touch UI with tactile feedback and gestures support plus accelerometer and a proximity sensor.
We won't be covering all phones in detail, so here's a table that summarizes the important stuff about Nokia soon-to-be smartphones.

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