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    Well I stopped into my local Sprint service center to get my 755 "serviced". (horrible experiance by the way, more on that later)

    Well while they were "repairing" my Treo I got time to check out the other models Sprint had to offer. Now I've always wanted a larger TX style screen so I was looking at the Instinct, Diamond Pro, Blackberry and several other feature phones. A litle history about myself is that I must use a cane, so while trying to work all these phones one handed had to be a must.

    Well all these slide this way and that way type phones really killed it for me. I liked the UI of the Diamond pro but of course the slide out keyboard wasnt working for me. The rergular Diamonds on screen keyboard wasnt really one hand friendly. The closest to being usable for me were the Blackberries and the samsung Blackjack2 I think. Well then I noticed while having the same form factor as the Treo these were lacking one thing to make the one handed experiance enjoyable... a touchscreen. Now I know that the new offerings from RIM and samsung will have touchscreen but it goes to show how palm had it right all this time.

    I still wish the Treo had an extendable screen ala Tungsten T3.

    So basicly to all that are itching for a larger screen (myself included) be weary of what you will be giving up.

    *Bonus Rant*
    Well like I mentioned previously I had to get my Treo serviced. Even after a zero out reset I was getting distortion from the rear speaker. (It kinda sounded blown) I had no parts to try and swap out myself to seeif it was as simple as a blown speaker so I was forced to take it to a Sprint "Tech". The guy took it and after about an hour returned it to me saying it was all fixed he just cleaned the interior contacts blah blah blah. I asked him if he was positive it was fixed and He assured me yes it was. Well it seemed to be well in the store(was rather loud there though) and went home. As soon as calls were received etc it was apparent the issue was still there. I went the following day and was a little peaved after the same "Tech" that "fixed" my Treo the day before did not want to service my Treo and stated the problem was all the 3rd party software I had on my Treo. At this point I zero reset my treo and told him, "I just hard reset my Phone and the problem is still there!"

    Would you beleive this Genius tried to say that the software was still the problem even though there was nothing in the Treo! Then the "Tech goes off into this rant how anything not downloaded via the Sprint store is unapproved software and will cause problems on the Treo. Needless to say after his bull I put him in his place and was given a new Treo even though I just wanted my old one fixed.

    I just thought after all this, about how people are getting this same type of false advice that only Sprint aproved programs will work well on Treos/Centros. Kind of makes me feel bad for people who dont get to see the full potential of whats possible with the old Palm OS.
    *End Bonus Rant*

    Oh I put this in this cross platform chat because I thought it was relevent to people looking for other devices. If this is not appropriate then mods feel free to move to general.
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Those type of people are just plain ignorant and can't find a good enough reason to say that they don't know what in the world they were doing. Imagine the audacity of that "tech" saying that 3rd party software made that problem. No wonder Palm is going in the dumps, their making Treo users' lives miserable.
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    I agree 100% with the form factor of the Treo line. Even going from POS to WM, it's the form factor that kept me.

    Techs? Pffffffffffffft. I could tell you stories about tech support that would leave you wondering how 5th graders can get jobs working for telcos. And not just Sprint. (I once "fixed" a Treo 650 for a guy after AT&T had to order him a new one cause it was bricked...what did I do? Hard reset!)
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    Yup.....These guys are amazing!(not in a good way though )

    Like I said before though. Its sad that people don't get to enjoy all the great apps that are out there cause of people like him!

    On a side note, I played with the 800w and must say I loved the keyboard. Slightly larger and more recessed buttons than the Palm Treos was a good move as far as one handedness.
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    I like to add something. I love the palm treos, I had the 700wx and now the 800w and wifey has the 755. when my treo 700wx went bad (phone was stuck on earphone mode even after hard reset) the sprint tech blame the sprint network for my phone not working. I know is hard to believe but this is a TRUE STORY.
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    I love the form factor, but after playing with the Touch Pro for a while, I am going to give it a fair 2-week trial.

    I've shied away from sliders in the past because the 6700 and Mogul were slow, memory-deprived POSs. But the Touch Pro is fast and has plenty of RAM to brag about.
    I've also considered the "loss" of one-handedness. In practice, I think I only use the Treo one-handed to launch apps with CtrlKeyPro and to compose SHORT responses. Anything more than a few words and I usually use both thumbs.

    I'm looking for a replacement for CtrlKeyPro, which lets you efficiently launch any of 30-50 apps from any window. I guess I could still use CtrlKeyPro on the Touch Pro with the slide-out KB.The on-screen keyboard appears to be sufficient for short messages, and the slide-out KB appears to be as good as if not better than the Treo for composing longer, two-handed messages.

    We'll see how it goes.
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    I tried the Touch Pro and really hoped to like it. But it went back. Maybe i'm just used to either the Centro or Iphone, but this device was too thick. Felt wobbly with the slideout not out. And speaking of the slideout kb, it felt awkward to type on.

    The screen is gorgeous. Would take a lot of tweaking i think to get comfortable but still a pain for me to use versus the other two devices.

    Perhaps windows 7 would offer what i want but i can't see myself using a WM device after that. Or any kind of slider phone. Which of course leaves a treo like device or virtual kb.
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    Yup I felt the same way when I played with the Touch Pro hey had on display.

    Comes back to form factor.

    All the slide this, pull here, poke there just slows things down.

    The on screen keyboard wasn't working to well either. Well at least one handed any way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post
    All the slide this, pull here, poke there just slows things down.
    Agree that for quick tasks the front facing keyboard is unbeatable. But for longer operations, the large screen and slideout keyboard are better. It's far more comfortable for long browsing, correspondence and entertainment. I can use my G1 for hours (sad, I know) instead of my PC.

    I was pretty adamant about the Treo form factor myself but I came around to appreciating some variety. That doesn't mean all slideout devices have a good reason to exist as such but the need for them is there.
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    All this flirting around i do with phones, my favorite by far is still the iphone. I'm simply used to it now, can type pretty fast on it (faster than any other device to be honest), and get around quickly through the apps. Still hard to beat the browser and its ease of use. It's just a much more enjoyable experience but i'm sure paying for it.

    The centro is my second favorite easily. I still have my old one on SERO since i'm reluctant to let that 30.00 plan It's actually came in handy with some tethering when i needed it, backup phone, etc.

    My flirting has probably ended for awhile though as it's really only resolved that the iphone works best for me even at the additional cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    But for longer operations, the large screen and slideout keyboard are better.

    If your using both hands the slide out and larger screen are great to use.
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    I had an interesting experience with a Sprint tech recently, too. My 700p died in the middle of a call. The screen showed I was connected to Sprint, but I couldn't make or receive calls. No dial tone, no nothing. The tech told me it was because my PRL file was too old.


    But they did give me a new 755 to replace it, so I can't complain too much.
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    They just give away new units? No wonder why Palm is going bust.
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