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    Just went to and lol What we see is a new Blackberry Curve!!!

    So now we have the Bold, The Curve and the Storm!!!

    Why cannot Palm get their act together, they are losing their share of the market quickly. Users had asked for a full screen phone such as the T1 or whatever. Palm never never responds; why not put the current Treo software from the 755 or the Centro on the the Treo Pro, or HIRE this guy that is going to revamp the Palm operating system and beat Palm at their own game. Let this guy take charge of a new department, do a marketing blitz and retake their market. Do u guys remember the Treo 600 with all it short comings and how nice the phone was before the dreaded "LAG". I guess the 650 did not have the lag either. Look at Rim, hits us with a new phone every few months (not years between releases) Ed C. Lets see some action or please step down. How do you and Jeff (Yes netbooks are here and doing well, you told us that your invention was going to change the market and you let the Treo fall at the way side, WHY) FEEL for bringing down a great company? Yes I am upset from Palm they should have given us better. I used to go to the board (TC) several times a day but I do not now. Please come back and take your rightful place in the current market!!!!!!

    Why not hire this person to lead their new department and get things done. What Palm's share's hover around 2-3 bucks (haven't seen the latest numbers) Merge with the company in Israel that is developing the Linux "Palm" How many nails have to go into the company's coffin till they see that they are really dead? In order for a "Resurrection" to take place, swift and mighty action is needed today or next week. NOT NEXT YEAR!!!
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    All the choices, and yet none of them impress me.
    Would I like palm to really woo me, yea...
    But there's still nothing that beats the treo form-factor. I think they did a fan tastic job with the pro. except for what just happened a bov e with fantastic, and what just happened with the word abov e. either the space bar is a little too tall or the c v b and n are to close to the spacebar. That's my only gripe.

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