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    So now this thing is out, i guess.
    Im looking for a new device and kept holding out with my t650p which is solid i have no reason but to have a new toy to get a new device.

    I would like to know more on the G1 and what the general thought is on what is the current solid device out there now?
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    Woah. I have to give the G1 a look. I am running a Treo 680 on T-mobile.
    I have been looking to upgrade and want to stay with Palm OS. I have been eyeing the HTC devices as of late and like the UI they created...yet the devices all ran WM..not preferred. Now look here, new device,affordable that is being supported by my carrier (Tmo=great bang for buck), HTC (I love their hardware innovation) and a new open OS (Andriod). To me this could be a reason to move away from Palm. The variable here is what is gained from the upgrade and is it worth it. Check out specs and hands on reviews/videos on the web. I have to say I'm impressed and if the platform takes off...I may be an ex-palm user (handspring visor>treo 180>treo 600>treo 680>???
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    The Android OS is still in its infancy, and as such, I don't consider it much of a competitor to the other established OSes yet. In the ballpark of the iPhone OS when it comes to true "smartphone" OSes, but that will soon change in the next few revisions to Android. Too much is missing from both of these OSes which is why I'm prepping my iPhone 3G for sale.
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    The main thing missing is a decent network. When android grows up maybe it'll move to sprint.
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    Point taken. This all depends on the success of Android. The fact that many apps like TomTom on my palm and a sweetheart $4.99/mo Tmobile tzones (Don't check Sprint #'s Sprint Guy..Tmo remains a close second in bang for the buck to Verizon) for email and some data plan allows me many functions that would be much more expensive or not possible on the G1. This has been my hesitation. When the Iphone came out I did the same study. What looked like more function was less wrapped in a sexy hardware and UI design. As with all of my upgrades new features must be justified for the expense. Wifi, better camera w/auto focus, better browser, new UI..all these are factors. What would be the major miss on changing from a Palm Treo to the G1 for all of you? What would you gain?

    For me...

    TomTom Navigator
    Potentially lose $4.99 Tzones

    Better browser
    Better camera
    Slick UI
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    You have to understand that this device is the beginning of Android. Google will be doing a lot more to improve this mobile OS in the near future. As the first Android phone, the G1 will have a lot of issues that you wouldn't expect on other established mobile OS's!

    It will be a good year or two before Android becomes a full featured mobile OS.So let's just hang in there and wait and see what the Android will be capable of in the future.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Gotta say, that you won't have to wait for a year or two for a stable version of Android. This is one of the best 1.0 releases I have seen to date.

    Let's take what we know.. The leader of the Android division is one of the co founders of Danger, the company behind all those Sidekicks. So there is "some" experience there. In addition they have a couple of ex-PalmSourcers leading development. Finally they have many Danger, Windows Mobile and PalmSource devs on board. So they have dev serious chops.

    In addition, Android is a work that has been in progress in some form or another for 4 years, with serious development starting 2 years ago. So it's not junk thrown over the fence.

    That said let's answer the question what you gain and lose. (Comparing to PalmOS Treos, I am gonna try and differentiate.)

    G1 Positives:
    - Much, much, much better web browser
    - Larger more expressive screen
    - Touchscreen is geared toward finger use vs. stylus
    - Larger keyboard
    - WiFi
    - Near perfect integration with Google Apps. (Gmail, Google Maps, GTalk, Calendar and contacts for now). Gotta say cloud sync is so much better than hotsync.
    - More vibrant developer community. (tapping into the open source vibe, and basically have new/yound devs that are excited about a new platform in it's infancy)
    - GPS and cell based location features
    - Accelerometer
    - Real, and stable multitasking
    - Great native instant messaging client
    - Better still camera
    - True native support for SDHC
    - Application crashes don't reset the whole device.
    - Build in YouTube player

    Treo Positives:
    - Much (much) larger base of 3rd party applications
    - Ability to work with office documents and pdfs
    - Awesome RSS readers
    - Memo pads, outliners, etc.
    - Better video players. (but on a smaller screen)
    - A2DP driver (for stereo bluetooth)
    - IRC Client
    - Sling box players
    - Video camcorder functionality
    - Phone as modem available
    - Much better one handed use due to the classic treo formfactor

    Frankly at the rate I see apps being released in the Android Market, I don't think it's gonna be more than a quarter or two before even the most die hard PalmOS users will need to consider migrating. (Assuming of course Palm doesnt pull something out of their hat).

    For now I have said goodbye to PalmOS, because frankly, the things my Treo was missing that the Android has outweigh it's strengths. (Basically I have been a big user of Google apps for a couple years now, and while Palm has been focused almost exclusively on Exchange and ActiveSync, I have been painfully trying to sync my Treos to the Google cloud, and am finally at the point of relief that it just works really well and painlessly on the G1.)

    If you are a big user of Google contacts, Gmail, Calendar and the mobile web in general, I would make the leap now. (Assuming contract-wise and carrier wise T-Mobile is ok for you).
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    Brandorr, Great list of pluses and minuses. No solution will be perfect, but there are deal breakers and/or a balance of items that usually make the decision for me. I see a lot of weight on the G1 side compared to my Treo 680. I was actually looking to get a Centro...but that was before I saw the G1.

    I have actually started to migrate to some of the google apps using my Treo (Goosync) to maintain a calendar and looking to do the same for contacts. I can probably get away with doing it all in a wifi space if the data plan was not required or if tzones still works. I am due for a upgrade on Tmo on 11/9.
    Your info is helping me make that decision easier. I have seen the Access ALP 3.0 OS demos that may grace the next Palm device..I have always liked the simple interface. I'd have to see more before I make a final decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandorr View Post
    - More vibrant developer community. (tapping into the open source vibe, and basically have new/yound devs that are excited about a new platform in it's infancy)...clip...
    This in itself would motivate me to get on board.
    I have high hopes for this OS.

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