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    Here's a good question for all you clie buffs out there...

    What is the best case or protection for the new Sony Clie PEG-N710C?

    I've heard the E&B cases are nice, what about this custom made flip cover?

    click here for flip cover

    For myself, I want a nice case to protect my clie, as well as still be able to fit comfortable in my pocket. Being able to hold some cards, cash, memory sticks would be nice too, but would add size. I don't like any of the ones Sony sells. Suggestions? Comments? Thanks in advance...

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    Take a look at the cases made by Vaja. They are pretty expensive, but they are the nicest cases I have ever seen. The leather is beautiful, the designs are stunning and the workmanship is incredible. In case you can't tell, I really like them.
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    Good Question. I'm still looking for a case for my 710. What I can tell you is not to get the Sony brand case. They expect you to put velcro on the back.

    No friggin' way will i do that!!!

    Oh well. I'm still looking
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Any comments about the E&B case? The Vaja seems nice, they both actually seem nice, but the Vaja is about $15 more. Which would you guys reccomend? The Sony cases are totally out of the question. Companies seem to be able to make good handhelds, and they have all the specifications, engineers, designers, etc. and they can't make a decent case for their own product!!!! of luck to everyone out there looking for the perfect case! Help us out here!

    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .

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