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    Look, we really don’t want to do this to you, (well, we kind of do) but we’re just got the word from one of our RIM ninjas that there will be a BlackBerry Storm-type device announced at WES 2009. It’s incredibly early and if you haven’t seen RIM’s horrible track record with regards to launch dates you should know to take this one with a little bit of skepticism. But! That doesn’t negate the fact that everyone should look forward to a new iteration of the BlackBerry Storm with U.S. HSDPA around that time. Plus we’re pretty sure with the beating RIM took from loyal BlackBerry users they are going to try and have their act together when it comes to announcements and launching. Ready for another one? We’ve even heard that RIM is about to blow Palm out of water with — you guessed it — practically a Bold with touch screen. That’s right. Probably the most sought after BlackBerry form-factor ever… a physical QWERTY device with touch screen. It’s supposed to be Curve 8900-sized, so it looks like our intel on RIM pushin’ out ‘Berrys was spot on. We’ll of course update you when we’ve got more specs and information, but we have to ask… now that you held off on the Bold and are probably getting a Storm, does this little bit of ninja info make you want to wait a little bit longer?

    If this prototype is true ... it's over for Palm for sure.
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    Yes I've heard this rumors and its going to be called the "Magnum" and it comes with Wifi capabilities. It's like a mix between the Bold/Storm/with a Javelin form factor and it’s definitely touchscreen ready.
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