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    I just got the curve and so far I have to say it's inferior to the 755P in options and features wise. The only thing I like about it is that it's faster than the treo.

    1. Can the Curve lock itself or do I have to go to the "Lock" menu?
    2. How can I change the the sound on "Message"?
    3. How can I turn on/off the camera flash?
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    I had a 755. I miss it. Company issued BB to all sales. I wish I had the curve, but we got the 88XX series. It's bulkier. I miss my Treo, but desire an iPhone. Unfortunately - I can't get what I want any more - but, I don't have a cell bill, so that's a plus.

    I have the 8820. It doesn't have a camera. But, I believe there is an option in the camera options called "default flash setting: automatic" change that option and see what you get.

    Enter your phone dialing screen. Go into your options screen. Change the "Dial From Home Screen" to No. Now, you can press K from the home screen and lock the device. You can also press the mute button (top right of device) and put it into standby mode. Calls still come in and data is still active - but the keyboard cannot be activated until you press that key again. This is how I turn off my device all the time so I can throw it in my pocket w/o making calls inadvertently.

    Now that you have disabled dialing from home screen, go to homescreen, hit F (for proFiles) to change your your message alert sound. Scroll down to advanced, select the profile you want to change, hit menu, then edit, then change the option and sound to your liking.

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