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    Ok, so I currently own a Treo 700wx and am considering an upgrade...

    As far as Verizon phones with touch screens go...

    What Windows Mobile phone has the most powerful processor and/or the most memory?

    (Basically, which one if the most powerful/fastest?)

    VZW 700wx WM6.1
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    well here real soon it will be the 800w
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    I just noticed that wmexperts say the samsung omnia is on its way to vz
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    wHAoooah,,,,,, perry,,,,,,,,, iphone,,,,,,, NO!!!! Wheres a PRR when u need one JK.....

    What's crack-a-lack'in Mr. H???
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    If the rumors came true with the Omnia coming to Verizon, then it's probably a good choice for both Power and Memory that you are looking for. It's sleek and has great features like Wifi, a 5 megapixel camera and a nice speakers too.
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