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    I'm hoping that a tiny addition can be made to reviews/podcasts/etc. here at WMExperts. We hear about the screen resolution on almost every device, but rarely the actual screen dimensions. It usually takes a Touch HD or something truly huge to get it mentioned. If we could start to refer to the resolution AND the actual physical size it would be very helpful.

    This came about when I went to play with a Treo 800w just to check it out. I had my 750 with me and was surprised how much smaller the screen was. Sure, it's sharper and has a higher-res screen, but it's noticeably smaller. I want a bigger screen - regardless of resolution, so I was disappointed to find this out. It took the Treo Pro right off my list since I'm pretty sure it has the same screen size.

    So, please, whenever possible can we include the physical screen size as well as the resolution?

    Thanks - and keep up the great work! This is the best source of WM info out there in my opinion!
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    Roger that -- Will make an effort to include that info!
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    Thanks, Dieter! You guys are awesome!

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